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Do you need national distribution service for your products?

Distribution allows ministries and other Christian organizations a greater opportunity to reach more people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Distribution is a major contributing factor in creating a greater demand for your products in new areas, thereby expanding your outreach to a growing Christian market. Wilds Christian Distributors can assist you in distribution and marketing techniques.

Distribute your product to over 500 Christian retailers nationwide
Call all Christian retail nationwide for the purpose of promoting sales
Send out promotional flyers to Christian retailers
Communicate with Christian retailers via fax, email, and postcards to promote the product
Assist with marketing decisions
Help design all ads for online and printed publications

Courteous, knowledgeable sales team

Music by independent and major label recording artists
CDs, DVDs, top selling books, Bibles and other Christian products

With a large inventory, Wilds Christian Distributors saves
you time and money

Wilds Christian Distributors
17911 Hwy 96 * PO Box 147
Kennedy, AL 35574
Phone: 205-662-4826 / 205-596-4371
Fax: 205-596-4375
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