Cooke Brothers

After playing for mom and dad for many years, James, Ronny, and Donny found that the Lord was calling them to sing. The boys formed their own group called, The Cooke Brothers. They are a dynamic trio with that great harmony that can only be found with brothers. They, too, have been successful with fan-favorites like “Chiseled in Stone” and “Go Rest High on that Mountain.” The Cooke Brothers still travel with mom and dad, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Another chapter in the Singing Cookes’ legacy has now unfolded. Daniel Cooke, Donny’s son, now plays and sings with the two groups. Daniel recorded his first song entitled “He Was Thinking of Me” on the Cooke Brother Project CB-14 “Driving Nails.” Daniel also plays guitar for the Singing Cookes and drums on the Cooke Brothers’ other songs.

The Singing Cookes and The Cooke Brothers now travel all over the nation ministering to souls and have even performed concerts in Canada and the British Virgin Islands. They have met thousands of people, seen thousands of souls accept the Lord into their lives, and have enjoyed every moment of it. They truly are a family group and are very dedicated to their purpose–the spreading of the Gospel.


11/8/2018 Artist: Cooke Brothers


Venue City, State Time
11/4/18 Cedar Creek Baptist Church Lebanon, VA 6:30 pm
11/9/18 Clarence Brown Conference Center Cartersville, GA 7:00 pm
11/10/18 Coal Miner’s Memorial Theatre Benham, KY 7:00 pm
11/15/18 Cave City Convention Center Cave City, KY 7:00 pm
11/16/18 Riverside Church West Union, OH 7:00 pm
11/17/18 House Of Prayer Morehead, KY 7:00 pm
12/1/18 Victory Chapel Sharpsburg, KY 6:00 pm
12/2/18 Providence Pentecostal Church Jackson, KY 10:30 am
12/8/18 Greenview Calvary Tabernacle Dayton, OH 6:00 pm
12/9/18 Greenview Calvary Tabernacle Dayton, OH 11:00 am
12/31/18 LaBelle Theatre Charleston, WV 7:00 pm

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