Leta Stroud

My mother and her twin sister used to sing at Decorations or Memorial Services that were held at cemeteries out in the country on a yearly basis.  My dad was a farmer and carpenter.  As a young man, he played the guitar.  My brothers and sister, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc., were a wonderful part of my growing up.  I enjoyed the simple pleasures of life out in the country on the farm where God was respected.  We were taught right from wrong, and to treat our neighbors kindly.  We raised cotton, corn, farm animals, cows, pigs chickens, etc., with wonderful vegetable gardens, and with an orchard of peaches and apples on the mountain behind our home.

I realized God s calling on my life at an early age, especially in Gospel Music.  At eleven years old, I began playing the guitar and singing old hymns in the Little Sunnyside Church.  I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at fourteen years of age.  I was baptized down at the creek, all in bare feet, one hot July Sunday afternoon.  I began writing Gospel songs in my early teens and have continued through the years, singing any where I had the opportunity.

I am married to Dr. Warren W. Stroud.  We have a blended family of five children:  Ronnie, Lori, Gary (deceased), Tessie and Sarah.

God reached down and touched my life as a young child in the Little Sunnyside Church near Center Ridge, Arkansas.  I wrote a song in later years in commemoration of this event called “The Little Sunnyside Church.”