Perry Sisters

Heritage is a word that is not so profound in today’s times. It would seem that most individuals are on a path to carve out their own mark in our world. Most want to be new and different, but Gospel Music remains a steadfast staple for Christians worldwide, and heritage is still a very much-revered topic. We know about the Goodman’s, the Rambo’s and various others, but I would like to remind you of a family who currently has a 3rd generation now continuing a family’s mission with 42 years of singing, 25 albums, and 33 Top 40 Songs- The Perry Sisters!
1974 marks the beginning of a musical legacy for three sisters Diana, Bonnie, and Carol from Huntington, West Virginia. I’m am quite sure these three sisters had many questions about what the future would look like for The Perry Sisters, but their faith in God’s provision was firmly established in their heart. As they began to travel and sing within various venues, they met a familiar man to many in Southern Gospel Music- Eddie Crook who owned a record label. The sisters released their first single and after 8 months on the charts, calls began coming to schedule this group. In the mid 80’s The Perry Sisters signed with Eddie Crook and became the 1st professional Ladies Trio in Southern Gospel Music. I asked Diana how difficult it was for a female trio in a very much male oriented quartet world back then- she replied, ” I thought it might have worked to our advantage, but not! But really I don’t have anything to complain about. Our producer explained to us that we were pioneers paving the way for others. This was new ground and new territory for a female trio.” Diana related to me one night after a concert a gentleman approached her with a very odd comment, which turned out to be a well -meant compliment. She explains, “ His said that he was curious what a bunch of women could do, but went on to say that, “ I would put you up against any of them out there.”
In 1990 Bonnie and Carol decided it was time for them to retire from the road, leaving Diana as the only original member. Diana had the desire to continue what the three sisters had begun, so the vacant positions were filled with other family members: Tammy Underwood (Diana’s niece), and Nicole Mathews (Diana’s daughter).
Tammy traveled with her family during her childhood as her mother Bonnie sang soprano for the Perry Sisters-, which made road life very familiar for her. Being on stage was already comfortable for Tammy, as she had performed with the group at age 12. Tammy is a gifted musician with talents to play keyboard, bass, guitar and a natural to fill the Soprano position in the trio. In 1989 Tammy Underwood stepped forward and filled the vacancy left by her mother Bonnie, and stepped into her own as a member of The Perry Sisters.
Nicole Matthews the daughter of original member Diana Perry Gillette, who stepped in to fill Carol’s alto position never thought she would become a part of this family heritage. Nicole was a very shy child and even though she sang in the church choir, her mother Diana admits she never heard her sing aloud until she sang to her husband during their wedding ceremony. Nicole loves to sing and still performs with the choir at her home church where she has been a part for over 20 years. Nicole has her own solo project of which she is very proud, travels and does conferences, and some TV with her choir.
For most groups change is difficult and always proves to be a time of adjustment. I asked Diana what her thoughts were during the time of adjustment for The Perry Sister. “ I was very confident that it would be okay, our family had sang with us before and already had the harmony down- and nothing beats family harmony! I knew that everything would work out smoothly.” Diana related that her daughter Angela filled a vacant position from 1990 until 1996 when she and her husband left the trio to pursue a ministry of their own. This meant they would have to look outside the group for a short time from 1997-2000 to fill the alto position. She explained that when you have someone outside of your family you do have to make concessions for personalities and blend of harmony. With all the changes that took place with personnel for The Perry Sisters, I had to ask what other dynamics might have changed. Diana explained that other than finding the right fit with singers nothing changed about The Perry Sisters. In 2008 Diana’s daughter Nicole would step in to fill the vacancy in this family trio to sing along side her mother just as Diana had sang with hers. The reorganized Perry Sisters remained true to their style and the awesome family harmony their fans were accustomed to hearing. Diana related, “ If anything changed at all it was the songwriting- just to keep up with the times. We grew up in West Virginia with an influence of Bluegrass and Country and that is the style we have remained true to. There is one additional style that has been added since Nicole joined the sisters- a little praise and worship sound. This new style is incorporated as Nicole is very immersed in the choir at her home church, and it spills over into The Perry Sisters- “a wonderful addition to our ministry”, Diana stated.
This group has every component to ensure they continue as a successful Gospel Music Trio- family harmony, skilled musicians, and an accomplished songwriter. Diana has written over 250 songs during her musical career. Each member of The Perry Sisters brings a unique gift into the mix that creates a rich family heritage that has stood the test of time. Three generation of ladies have carried on The Perry Sisters with a calling to spread the message of Christ though music. Their latest project combines some of the older songs from the early days along with newer additions to create their new project entitled “Lineage.” This is their first acoustic project that combines old and new. There is a special surprise in one of the songs one this new project- seems they were able to go back and retrieve a sound byte from Diana’s mother and her two sisters from their trio “The Walker Sisters”,  and inject the clip into The Perry Sister’s version of the song. You don’t want to miss this new project, as it is a reflection of the generations of The Perry Sisters.
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Scheduled Appearances

6/25/2018 Artist: Perry Sisters   1:06 PM


Venue City, State Time
7/3/18 Corinth Freewill Baptist Church Campground Waynesboro, MS 6:00 pm
7/12/18 Boyd County Fair Ashland, KY 7:00 pm
7/15/18 Good News Ministries Staunton, VA 10:30 am
7/19/18 Freedom Freewill Baptist Lancaster, SC 7:00 pm
8/4/18 Wayne County Fair Camden Park Huntington, WV 8:00 pm
9/16/18 Moore St. Tabernacle Ashland, KY 11:00 am
9/29/18 Beaverdam Freewill Baptist Church Chadbourne, NC 5:30 pm
9/30/18 Free Welcome Original Freewill Baptist Conway, SC 10:00 am
10/13/18 Pentecostal Worship Center Fall Festival Gastonia, NC 3:00 pm
10/14/18 Pentecostal Worship Center Fall Festival Gastonia, NC 11:00 am
10/20/18 Sugar Grove Baptist Church Bristol, VA 7:00 pm
10/21/18 Anchor Baptist Church Bristol, VA 11:00 am
10/28/18 Wayside Temple Castalia, OH 6:00 pm