Premiere Talent

With previous experience in the line of tour coordination and personal management, Randall Wilds opened the doors of Premiere Talent in 1999. His goal is to further the gospel through the ministries of fine Christian artists. Premiere Talent provides a “home” to such artists who were seeking quality management and booking assistance.

Randall’s warm personality and charisma has gained him friends all over the country and Premiere Talent has gained the attention of pastors and promoters, and the respect of the gospel music industry.

Representing such recognized artists as Kevin Spencer & Friends, The Jeff Treece Band, The Telestials, John Lanier and The Singing Cookes – just to name a few – has made Premiere Talent one of the leading agencies in gospel music.

Every year, during the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY, New City Talent presents a showcase featuring live performances by many of the artists who are represented by the agency. The showcase is attended by a large number of pastors, promoters and record company executives, as well as radio and TV personalities. Thus, providing the opportunity to bring artists and key industry leaders together.

Randall and his staff are always eager to work with pastors and promoters to fulfill talent needs for churches, auditoriums, fairs and other venues.

For more information or if you would like to book a concert date with one of the outstanding artists Premiere represents, call 205-662-4826 or 205-596-4371. They will assist you in every way possible to help ensure a successful concert event.