Singing Echoes

The Epperson family originated in 1969 with Max and Lela (Mom and Dad), their two sons Lynn and Gary, and Debbie, Gary’s wife. Through the many years of being in gospel music, they have become a well-known name in the gospel music industry. Their zeal to lift the Savior up in song has never diminished, and is displayed openly in each and every concert.

In 1973, The Singing Echoes received a Grammy nomination for their arrangement and performance of the song “When I Wake Up To Sleep No More.” Their style of “old-fashioned down home singing” led many nationally known groups to record this song. The song became known by every gospel music lover in the country.

With all eyes open and ears listening in the gospel music industry, The Singing Echoes next introduced, “Look For Me At Jesus’ Feet,” bringing out a prominent song writer, Squire Parsons, to gospel music. This created a domino effect of hits for The Singing Echoes including “Shouting Happy,” which was later recorded by The Kingsmen, “I Made A Covenant With My Lord” also recorded later by The Kingsmen, “His Tomb Is Empty Now” written by Lela Epperson and recorded by many gospel groups even today. “Two Coats” which was later recorded and performed in the movie “The Apostle,” “On The Other Side Of Jordan” later recorded by The Cooke’s, “I’ll Wear A White Robe,” “On Heaven’s Bright Shore,” “Thank You Lord,” “Enter In,” “Look For Me,” which introduced another well-known writer, Gerald Sweatman, to gospel music. “When I Go Strolling” written by Gary Epperson, the ever popular “It’s Enough” written by Gary Epperson and recorded in 1985 which climbed to #2 in the nation on the Singing News Chart. “Beautiful Heaven,” and “On Holy Ground” written by Gary Epperson remained in the top 20 of the Singing News Chart for months. “Keep Your Eyes On Him,” “I’m Depending On Jesus,” and “The Next Glory Flight” were all top 40 songs also written by Gary Epperson.

The group’s work was recognized by the state of Tennessee, and Governor Lamar Alexander appointed them as “Ambassadors of good will” for the state of Tennessee. In 1989, Gary and Debbie’s son Joshua who had traveled with the group since he was 2 weeks old, joined the family on stage to sing the tenor part at the age of eight. 1990 brought Lynn’s oldest son, Jeremy to the group full time to play drums at the age of 14. Both Jeremy and Joshua had enjoyed singing on stage with the family even before they started school.

Due to health problems, Max and Lela left the road and retired in 1995. Shortly after their retirement, Lynn’s other two sons, Adam and Matt, joined the group full time. Even though Lela’s heart was broken because she was no longer physically able to travel and sing, her heart was filled with joy to see her four grandchildren step in to take the place of her and Max. The Singing News Magazine informed the gospel music Industry in 1997 of the third generation now performing on stage and the “Gospel Voice” has recognized The Singing Echoes in their April 2001 issue. In September 1999, Lela crossed to the far side banks of Jordan and Max in July 2004, leaving behind a legacy in gospel music.

The Singing Echoes celebrate 36 years in Gospel Music, with some of their latest releases, “Think I’m Excited,” “In The Shadow Of God’s Wings,” “My God’s Alive,” “Time After Time,” “Inside Of Me,” “Looking Forward To Where I’ve Never Been!” Their powerful song “Empty Hands” and their big hit “Somebody’s Here” climbed to the top of the charts. The latest video released is “Live In Anderson, SC,” featuring “That’s How Much I Love You” is being enjoyed by thousands. Their latest CD titled “Then & Now” features a number of great songs, like “Jesus Is Coming,” “He Still Moves The Stones,” “I Can’t Begin To Tell,” “Miracles,” “Between The Cradle And The Grave,” “When A Meeting Is Going To Break Out,” “The Great Falling Away,” “The Spirit Calling Me,” “Lord Have Mercy On Me,” “Someday,” Call your local radio station and request it.

The Singing Echoes are a visible example of the results of generations influenced by prayer, hard work, dedication, family, love, and a zeal to serve God.

Scheduled Appearances


7/31/2018 Artist: Singing Echoes


Venue City, State Time
8/2/18 Gatewood Brethren Church Fayetteville, WV 7:00 pm
8/3/18 Crossroads Baptist Church Slippery Rock, PA 7:00 pm
8/4/18 Well of Grace Lebanon, OH 7:00 pm
8/18/18 Ridgeway Baptist Church Franklin, GA 6:00 pm
8/19/18 Pleasant Hill PMBC Ashland, AL 10:30 am
8/19/18 Pleasant Hill PMBC Ashland, AL 2:00 pm
8/26/18 Peace Freewill Baptist Church Spartanburg, SC 10:30 am
9/7/18 Falkville Baptist Church Falkville, GA 7:00 pm
9/8/18 Pleasant Plain Baptist Church Little River, SC 6:00 pm
9/9/18 Glen Raven Baptist Church Burlington, NC 11:00 am
9/11/18 True Light Baptist Church Muncie, IN 6:00 pm
9/12/18 True Light Baptist Church Muncie, IN 6:00 pm
9/13/18 True Light Baptist Church Muncie, IN 6:00 pm
9/16/18 Hurricane Chapel McEwen, TN 11:00 am
9/28/18 Lester First Church of God Lester, WV 7:00 pm
9/29/18 Straightway Baptist Church High Point, NC 3:00 pm
9/30/18 Christian Cathedral Thomasville, NC 11:00 am


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