South of Heaven

South of Heaven Ministries is made up of two sisters, Lisa Agee and Donna Parker who have been singing together since childhood. They both gave their hearts to JESUS in their later teen years and have sung gospel music their entire adult lives. In 1982 they made their first appearance as guest singers outside of their own church, performing for their mother on Mother’s Day. After that all they
have wanted to do is sing for the LORD.

Lisa is married to James “Skip” Agee as Donna is married to James “Jim” Parker. Along with traveling and ministering for the Lord both Lisa and Donna hold full time jobs. They both belong to the West Frankfort Church of God. When not on the road they are very involved in their local church as well as helping out with fundraisers for those less fortunate and collecting food to feed the needy.

South of Heaven Ministries was officially formed 7 years ago, when they were asked to put together a group for a fund raiser event in their hometown of Frankfort, Kentucky. With the favor of God it was in 2010 they were blessed with the opportunity to record their first CD project “GRACE”. This opened up many new doors for them and in September of 2012 released their latest CD Project entitled “BY REQUEST”. They are grateful for the hand of God and his blessing upon their ministry. They know it is only by HIS anointing that South of Heaven Ministries exists. They may be considered a part time gospel group but when they minister in song they give a 110% as they feel that is their reasonable service and as one of the songs on their CD is titled NOT FOR SALE. That is where they stand!

They would be honored and blessed to come to your church, revival, camp meeting, concert, etc., to share their ministry.

Scheduled Appearances

Date Venue City & State Time
07/11 Bradford Square NHM Frankfort, KY 7:00pm
07/18 The Lantern Frankfort, KY 6:30pm
07/25 Crestview NHM Shelbyville, KY 6:30pm
08/08 Bradford Square NHM Frankfort, KY 7:00pm
08/11 Cynthiana Church of God Cynthiana, KY 11:00am
08/12 Cane Run Church of God Georgetown, KY 7:00pm
08/15 The Lantern Frankfort, KY 6:30pm
08/22 Crestview NHM Shelbyville, KY 6:30pm
08/24 Swollowfield Days Swollowfield, KY 11:00am
08/25 Harvieland United Methodist Church Frankfort, KY 10:30am
09/06 WLJC T.V. Hour Of Harvest Beattyville, KY 7:00pm
09/09 National Quartet Convention Louisville, KY TBA
09/19 The Lantern Frankfort, KY 6:30pm
09/28 Switzer Days Frankfort, KY 11:00am
09/22 Crestview NHM Shelbyville, KY 6:30pm

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