The Schofields

Phyllis and Danny both grew up in Gospel music ministry, Phyllis in Kentucky and Danny in Tennessee . God brought them together, they were married and traveled with The Schofield Family Singers for several years before God moved them into a different type of ministry, playing music and teaching children in their home church in Jamestown TN.

It was during this time that Danny and Phyllis lost 3 infant children and began a struggle with sickness that would bring them both to despair, depression and finally to the brink of suicide. These were dark times indeed but as always God was faithful and was with them through the storm. When they sing “You Don’t Know All He’s Done For Me” they know what they are singing about.

In 1993 they began in a brand new direction when Danny answered God’s call to preach the Gospel. After 2 years of evangelistic ministry they served as pastors First Assembly of God in Smithville TN for 2 years.

After that time they both continued to study as they began to travel again singing and preaching. In 2006 Danny recieved a Doctor of Ministry in Preaching degree from Emmanuel University in Connelly Springs, North Carolina and in 2008 Phyllis received a Bachelor In Biblical Studies Degree from Emmaus Bible Institute in Elizabethtown, TN.In 2004 The Schofields began ministry in Jamaica . During their first trips there they, along with the other members of the ministry teams, saw more than 250 people saved. Over the years that number has grown to more than 2500. The Jamaican ministry continues with trips now being planned for 2013. In the meantime they continually send shipments of baby and children’s clothing to be distributed through their Jamaica outreach, the M.O.M. Program.Miracle Outreach Ministries is the Jamaican outreach of Schofield Ministries and ministers to mothers and babies in Jamaica . It is commonly known as The “M.O.M. Program” and provides baby blankets, diapers, clothing and other baby supplies to help needy mothers.

Thousands of babies and small children have been clothed since the beginning of the outreach in 2004. As a result many families have been lead to Christ. This is made possible by the many churches and individuals who have become partners with this ministry. Schofield Ministries and The M.O.M. Program works with local Jamaican Pastors to help those in need in their communities. In 2010 the MOM Program expanded to began feeding disabled and elderly who cannot care for themselves. This part of the outreach is called “The Golden Angels” and the program will be expanded for 2012.

Today The Schofields continue to do revivals, concerts and so much more as God continues to open doors for this ministry.

Schofield Ministries is a non-profit ministry and serves wherever God leads. Their mission is to reach the lost; to bind up the brokenhearted; to see the captive set free and the blind receive their sight through the power of Jesus Christ.

Danny Schofield DMin

Phyllis Schofield BBS